Saturday, June 9, 2012

Our Green Eyed Monster

We just got back from the vet.  We are concerned that someone has sprayed Hylander with something caustic.  He was in our yard for about an hour yesterday afternoon and when William came home from school and let Hy in, he immediately noticed that Hy's right eye was swollen shut.  We just got his left eye healed a few weeks ago.  We immediately took him to the vet's office and started treatment.

The veternarians put a green dye into Hy's eyes to see if he has ulcers on the eye. They both are green from the strip but as you can see in his right eye, there is a large area that is bright green (in addition to the inner eyelid being swollen and red) which indicates trauma to the eyeball and erosion of the protective layer.  We are treating his eye like a normal ulceration, but are very dismayed with the thought someone would spray anything at a dog locked in his own yard, let alone something caustic. When we went to clean off his head and shoulders with plain water, his coat lathered up.  Whatever is on him smells like it has an ammonia component to it and feels like a soap.  It isn't coming off easily.  At least the swelling in his eye has reduced and his face isn't red on the right side.  The doctor put numbing drops in his eyes because they are both sensitive during the recovery.

Bill is spitting mad and I am now considering installing an external camera to cover our front yard.  I don't understand people who can harm innocent pets.  Our little guy has enough natural challenges with his eyes, he certainly didn't need someone to intentionally inflict pain and injury to them.

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